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The Narita Family

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AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 158cm
SCHOOL: Second year student at Takazono High School (private)
LOVE LIFE: It's very complicated, I'm not sure she has figured it out completely yet. In the first and second volume her boyfriend is Azusa, then officially in volume 8 she is with Ryoki. Although she thought she was in love with Azusa, she hasn't really admitted to being in love with Ryoki yet. She knows she has feelings for him. Plus she just found out in Vol. 8 that Shinogu is in love with her.
PERSONALITY: Hatsumi has a very sweet nature to her, as do most heroines of this sort. She is always very passive and it doesn't take much to boss her around. She is loyal to her friends (as we see with the way she forgives Asuza) and just wants to make everyone happy.


AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 178cm
SCHOOL: Freshman law student at Hitotsubashi University
LOVE LIFE: Shinogu is adopted and well, this gets complicated, he just happens to be madly in love with his sister Hatsumi. He thought he could handle just being her brother (she was unaware of him being adopted until recently) but when Hatsumi starts dating it's just too much for him. He confesses his feelings to her (which she was confused thinking he meant it brotherly since at the point she didn't know he was adopted) then he moves out. In Vol. 7 Hatsumi finds paperwork to annul his adoption. When confronted with them he tells her he wants to be free. Free to pursue his love interest maybe?
PERSONALITY: Shinogu has a caring personality much like Hatsumi, he is very intelligent and wants to go to medical school. He also always puts the needs of others (especially Hatsumi) in front of his own. He works multiple jobs which keeps him out of the picture a lot.

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