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Aoi's Laptop

Name: Yamazaki Tanpopo (Tanpopo = Dandelion)
Nickname(s): Weed
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Family: Her parents died in a car crash she is being raised by Grandparents.
Home: Hokkaido,she lived in Inaka. She stays in Tokyo.
School: Meiou Academy (substitute student)
Love Interest: Kouki Kugyou
Habits: Catch phrase is "nyo." (Just like in DiGi Charat)

Name: Poplar(which is the name of a flower)
Home: Where ever Tanpopo is, he's her pet fox
Habits: Using the word "kon".
Name: Kugyou Kouki
Nickname(s): Trowl-kun (only used by Tanpopo), "Iron-faced Kugyou Kouki"
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Home/Family: Tokyo, He is the Onzoushi (heir) to the Kugyou family. Apparently Kugyou is a wealthy and important family in Kansai. (Known as the "kansai kugyou-family").
School: Meiou Academy
Love Interest: Yamazaki Tanpopo, although he is currently engaged to his brothers ex-fiance, Erika.
Habits: Carries a trowl (a gardening utensil) around with him everywhere he goes. Loves plants.

Name: Saionji Tsukiko
Nickname(s): Tsuki-chan (used by Tanpopo she can never says her real name)
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Family: Belong to the "kantou saionji-family". Another wealthy family
Home: Tokyo
School: Meiou Academy
Love Interest: wants Kouki for his money and power And she's told him this.
Habits: Tanpopo's friend sometimes, her rival for Kouki at other times

Name: Kiyougoku Aoi
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Home: Tokyo
Love Interest: His computer I suppose
Habits: Keeps descriptions and records in his lap top computer of everyone he comes across. Excellent hacker.

Name: Uchimura Arisa
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Family: Father is a loan-shark, common lineage
Home: Tokyo
Love Interest: When Tanpopo met Arisa, she was after Ogata
Features: She's a "ganguro gal." Basically a Japanese girl that wears a very dark makeup base (with the exeception around the eyes, thus resembling a raccoon."), and a whole lot of makeup as well.
Habits: "playing" with boys, drinking, partying, & nite clubs
School: Meiou Acadamey

Name: Ogata
Nickname(s): none
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Family: Second to Kouki in terms of family power & stuff
Home: Tokyo
Love Interest: crush on Tanpopo
Habits: He's a womanizer.
School: Meiou Academy, student council president

Yanahara Erika She was originally Youji's fiancee but when he ran off to become a photographer she somehow defaulted to Kouki. She tries to act sweet but she's got a real dark side. And is trying VERY hard to seperate Kouki and Tanpopo.

Kugyou Youji As Kouki's older brother he held a lot of responsiblity in the family, but then he decided to run away and become a photographer. So all the responsibility fell on Kouki. He was once engaged to Erika, but he likes Tanpopo. Even though it seems Tanpopo has a few guys interested in her, Youji is the only one that gets close to a relationship. Even almost closer than Kouki. Oy oy what a mess!

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