Where do you go to get Manga and other goodies? Well I'm starting to compile a list of some great places that I shop at to help you out. Now this is a continuing effort and since I'm an anime/manga shopaholic, this site will keep growing. If you have any place that you like to shop at, let me know and I will add the link.

Great places for Videos, Goodies, and Manga

Soyokaze Fansubs
this is my absolute favorite place to get fansub tapes. They are decently priced and good quality. So check it out.
Wizzywig Collectibles
I actually discovered this place at an Anime Convention. They had splendid prices at the show and they're actual store prices aren't to bad. I preorderd the fist Ayashi no Ceres DVD from them.
Asylum Anime...Where Cute is Good!!!
Another place I discovered at a convention. I haven't ordered from there store yet. But they look decently priced.
it's well organized lots of stuff and a good place to get manga
another well organized place that it good to get manga and artbooks from
Omocha Box
they have tons of Di Gi Charat stuff, but other things as well
Anime Palace
good supplier
Joys Japanimation
just a nice place
Luthien's Shop
has a variety of stuff
House of Anime
well organized and they have lots of Tare Panda stuff which I love. A good selection of anime too.

Couple of Shops not Online

Mitsuwa Marketplace
100 E. Algonquin Rd.
Arlington Hts, IL 60005
(847) 956-6699

This is where I buy most of my manga. I don't know their website because I lost the card, but next time I go I will pick one up. I'm sure you can call and order from them. What you need though is to ask for the Ayashi Bookstore's number. Which is the bookstore in there.

Kinokuniya Book Stores of America Co., LTD. 123 Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka St., Suite 205 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Tel:(213)687-4480 Fax:(213)621-4456 Email: los_angeles@kinokuniya.com

I bought my first Imadoki volumes from this place at a convention I went to. They have a lot of Yuu Watase works. And they have locations all over the place. So you should email them for a catolog and they will send you out one.

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